Weekend Power

This weekend is the time to look at everything you do, see, think, feel and participate in it with colored glasses. Can you see, feel and think in a color that brings more clarity, positivity and happiness.

Even when there is something that is not so great going on, could it be worse, of course. Let’s say someone fell and you had to go to the hospital. Of course the individual may have pain, there is aggravation of going to the hospital, frustration, anger, the impact it will have on everyone and the list goes on.

But by looking at the whole experience from a negative outlook, mentally, emotionally and responsively YOU create more negative energy into the situation that will only support and promote that energy.

The same event you can look at it like this. Oh my, I am so glad that you only hurt your ___?___ . It could have been so much worse. Good thing we got to the hospital so quickly, and that you called for help. etcccc.

Fretting over the experience does not change that it occurred.

So why not look at the situation as simply as it is. Don’t over emotionalize, over think, blame, judge, criticize, etc

Approach the event as it is in the moment.