“Cindy Mazzaferro is a truly gifted energy healer
whose gift is grounded in her pure love. I enjoyed miracle relief of mental, consciousness, emotional and will blocks that I have held for fifty years as a survivor of multiple oral rape as a child. My flashbacks used to be debilitating. I stopped singing.  
I am still glowing with vibrant energy and confidence after my treatment.  I am singing again. Thank you Cindy and Thank you to Our Creator for your great gift.”

Janice Devine
Upcoming Author: Overdue Breakthrough Resources from Childhood Sexual Trauma

“Cindy is one of the most effective rising motivational healers I’ve experienced to date. She possesses extraordinary healing abilities and delivers jaw-dropping results. If you want to empower yourself and others to do great things now rather than later, you need look no further. She’s the real deal.”

Mark A. Paul Executive Coach, Paradigm Associates, LLC
President & CEO, Reiki ROI, CASA

You have been a real life-saver for me Cindy.  I was really depleted emotionally/mentally, which just lowered my already non-optimum physical situation, and I just needed Reiki and your wonderful guidance, intuition and dedication to healing.   I so appreciate all you do.  I must say you are really a perfect healing co-partner.  Thank you…” M. Sarceno

A Difficult Noisy Situation resolved after 4 long months! I couldn´t sleep at night because of slamming doors, walking back and forth, loud TV and people coming to visit my upstairs neighbor. The problem was also that even though I asked many times for peace and quiet – both in person by knocking on her door, when the noise was happening – and by letter – nothing changed and I eventually had to drive to my family’s house (my elderly parents) to get my sleep, on all the work days to be able to tend to my job. Very straining and very upside down living in a bag like that – always on the move.

When I first met Cindy in 2014, I was in the darkest place in my life. I had been living in California for over 8 years, had a great career, a wonderful boyfriend, beautiful apartment and a great life. But something was happening inside of me as the result of the perfect storm of family stress back in CT and physical changes due to my age. I began to have panic attacks almost daily and fell into a deep depression in June of 2014, and by July, I was hospitalized and had to leave my job. My boyfriend and I decided it was time for me to come back home to CT and get support from my family, and begin to make difficult decisions to take care of my Mother who was suffering from advanced dementia. When I landed in CT, I was truly in the darkest, most painful place I had ever been…”

DREAMS – I have had very vivid dreams and various types of sleep patterns my whole life.  In the past 6 months or so I have started to have nightmares that were extremely vivid and at times combative.  All of these have taken place in the 1 – 2 hour time period after I fall asleep.   In these dreams/nightmares I am either trying to push away or rescue someone from the black silhouetted figure that I encounter.  Most of these dreams end by my waking either because I am grabbing, flailing or attempting to rescue someone usually a child from harm.  These action have caused me to punch the brass headboard, fall out of bed and on a few occasions attempt to walk and have fallen and hit a piece of furniture.  The last time this happened I fell and hit my head on a bedside table.  I ended up with a lump on my head, 2 black eyes and a generally sore face...”

“Thank you for your valuable time !!!! It was most valuable session !!!! In a half hour you were able to answer all my questions & gain confidence & clarity where I am standing in life & where I need to get to …. You were right on target straight to the point ….. It was so accurate as if we knew each other in another lifetime !!! …”