Reiki is a natural, powerful holistic form of healing that dates back thousands of years capable of healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and  can even cross elements of time and distance.

Reiki is the Universal life force energy, which sustains life and promotes healing in all living things.



Reiki is not a religion or religious cult.
It has no dogma or specific doctrine of beliefs.
A recipient of Reiki energy will receive benefits whether that person believes in the power of Reiki or not.

So often traditional medicine only treats the symptoms and therefore has to continue to prescribe additional medicines to affect them.  Treating only the symptoms is like putting on a Band-Aid on the wound, which of course is only a temporary solution.


You must address the


if you’re going to impact the


I have found that when you address the underlying cause of the symptoms, true, lasting healing occurs.  Quite often there is an emotional aspect to chronic illness or injury.  When you treat and affect that emotional wound the physical symptoms improve or dissipate completely.

Donna Eden, a pioneer with respect to healing through Energy offers this quote:

test-quotes“Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.”

Donna Eden

Reiki Energy has a Higher Intelligence and knows where to move within your body and what areas are of greatest need.


Clients that receive Reiki will often report feeling: warmth, heat, tingling, vibration, lightness, complete relaxation, visions, colors, and even elevation, and a few will report nothing at all.

During your Reiki session: 

  • Chakras will be assessed and rebalanced
  • Your aura will be scanned for tears and repaired
  • General vitality and energy flow will be determined
  • Problematic areas and links identified for resolution
  • Complete Reiki session with focus appropriate for individual
  • Crystal Layout can be utilized in a Reiki Session
  • Linking awareness techniques as appropriate

Additionally, the client may be taught supplemental energy exercises, specific meridian tracing, affirmations, and how to communicate with your higher-self as part of their individualized holistic treatment plan.

While receiving Reiki, you should NOT stop or change your medical regimen that has been prescribed by your physician.  If and when your condition improves, your doctor will make the necessary adjustments in your course of treatment.

I encourage you to read some of the wonderful testimonies  on how Reiki played an integral component in their healing.

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You can schedule a single visit, either in person or remotely (not physically present), or pay for a Reiki Grid that allows multiple days of receiving Reiki 24/7. You may also choose to a have a crystal layout to increase the energy flow from the crystals chosen specific for you.

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