“It all started in September, 2014.  I always wanted to take a class about learning to be a better person, learn to think on a more positive note and all in all pull the better me to the surface.  Then I saw this class called “The Power Within, Improving Your Body and Mind” by Cindy Mazzaffero and I thought, “this sounds perfect! …”

test-quotes“I have attended three of Cindy Mazzaferro’s Energy Medicine workshops. I am a “prove it to me” person and was a bit skeptical at first. Right away we did some simple activities that proved the reality of what Cindy is teaching. It really astounded me! …”

test-quotes“I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop by Cindy Mazzaferro on Positive and Energy Medicine sponsored by my gym.  I am always interested not only in ways to make myself happier and healthier, but also in finding ways to enable me to better share my own wellness with others.  Something about the description of this event gave me the feeling that it might offer me some general tools for creating positive interactions and helping others to feel more confident.  I am very glad that I followed my intuition, both because it was all that I expected and also because it was so much more.  Cindy was a skilled presenter who instantly grabbed her audience’s attention…

test-quotes“The title The Power Within was an instant draw for me, since it’s a journey I’ve been on for quite some time.  The inner quest to tap into the divine within.  Yoga has furthered that mind/body connection and stillness in meditation has erased much of the mind chatter we call it “citta vritti”.  You are a delightful and very insightful teacher, full of enthusiasm and compassion.  You truly have a gift and you allow your inner guidance to show you how to be a channel to help others. One of the outstanding qualities I see about your teaching is your follow -up each week reviewing what was expressed in class and the absolute positive response you give.  Your dedication is truly admired.