8 Week Group Coaching Package

Life coaching is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

You are able to identify areas that hold you back from achieving what you desire in your life.


In my program, I personalize your coaching program to specifically meet your needs covering a wide range of topics, strategies and interventions, including any emotional releases from the past that hold you stuck and prevent you from achieving abundance, success, and joy.



As you work with me, we’ll develop a relationship built on trust, respect, honesty, and support.

I will help you to define and support your dreams and goals and help to recognize what resistance is holding you back. I believe our past often plays an integral role that continues to influence your present day and what you bring into your future. These thoughts, memories, beliefs can play a significant role in your happiness, joy, inner peace, love and success.  I teach different a variety of strategies and techniques that creates freedom, forgiveness, and the capacity to love, accept and believe in yourself.

The GREAT news is that when you work on these aspects, the transformational changes affect every part of your life. 

However, if you choose to do nothing and not make a change in your life, than most likely you can expect more of the same.

You’re here on this website because you are looking for something, and Cindy can offer you so much and in all areas of your life.

I would love to talk to you about your goals and to discuss which coaching program would best serve you.

To have an introductory call, email Cindy at info@CynthiaMazzaferro.com.

If you feel any of these emotions, thoughts or feelings:

  • If you feel stuck, lack ambition, hope or passion
  • If you feel that your life is out of control
  • If you lack vitality, energy, and feel that your general well-being has been compromised either physically, mentally, or emotionally
  • If you lack confidence, courage, or desire
  • If your past still plays a role in your present day
  • If you lack joy, happiness, or harmony in your life
  • If you need support, someone who offers guidance and suggestion with respect
  • If you want to explore a deeper love of self, inner peace, and listen to your inner voice
  • If you want to recognize synchronicity and experience miracles in your life and live in a flow of grace and ease.

Then you will benefit from this powerful and transformative life coaching program.

  • You’ll have more control of your life and what you decide to do
  • You’ll claim your inner power and no longer feel ignored and under-appreciated
  • Your energy, vitality, and health will improve
  • You will have clear, actionable steps that move you closer to your goals
  • You’ll be able to release your emotional pains from your past and embrace your soul lessons that will activate and empower you to see and love your authentic true self.
  • You’ll see life, every moment with an improved healthy Range of E-Motions that support and facilitate happiness, joy and love
  • Miracles and the Universe will support and bring exactly what you need into your life.
  • You’ll see the value and embrace loving yourself, finding the inner harmony and joy that you long for.
  • And more…….

If any of these items call or speak your voice then,

 I would seriously ask you to make a commitment and an investment in yourself. 

You will not be disappointed, because your expectation will be surpassed.




The 8 Week Powerful Beyond Measure Group

Coaching package includes:

  • One 20 minute introductory personal coaching call
  • Two 60 minute Group Coaching Calls
  • Pre-coaching assessment Tool
  • Energy Exercises
  • Weekly accountability updates to be sent by email or text
  • Assess to the Bi-Monthly Soul Messages: Connecting to your Intuition Coaching Calls. Scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 8 pm eastern (5 pm Pacific)

This is an unbelievable opportunity for you.  Follow your gut (your intuition), and have an expert, an emotional ergonomist, healer, intuitive, transformational teacher, and public speaker help and guide you to obtain what you desire most in your life and for yourself individually.

Believe and listen to yourself, trust that there is more, and that you are ready and willing to take the next step forward, to achieve what you desire the most.