Cynthia Streit Mazzaferro

Upcoming author of the revolutionary transformative, motivational and healing book


3 Essential Keys to a Vibrant, Passionate and Empowered You.

Did you know that YOU hold the POWER WITHIN to create the life that  you want and were meant to live?


Using the transformative Power Within Process you will be able to:

  • Heal Your Past

  • Empower Your Present

  • Create a Future

    that will bring you great joy, happiness, and peacefulness.

This book will help guide you to
  • identify your soul lessons.
  • acknowledge your self-love.
  • live passionately fulfilling your soul’s destiny.

YOUR Life matters!!!

You are here for a reason!

‘The ONLY person who can SAVE yourself is YOURSELF.’


Unlock your unique spiritual gifts, cultivate them, bring them to harvest and let your bounty touch the world as only you can. 

STOP judging yourself and listening to the false beliefs that bring fear, self-doubt, and unhappiness.


“Believe in yourself, DO NOT be afraid.

Embrace yourself and see the true beauty within.

You are great and have a specific purpose to live.

Believe in yourself, DO NOT be afraid.”

Let TODAY be the FIRST Day of a life filled with LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY and COMPASSION as you continue on your journey with  COURAGE, HOPE and FAITH, as YOU live the life YOU were Born to LIVE!


Be EMPOWERED and BELIEVE in Yourself !