Make 2018 the Most Powerful Year of Your Life!

Are you looking to experience amazing & miraculous changes
in your life that brings YOU more
love, happiness, health, abundance, & success?

Do you find yourself questioning the W’s of life:






or do you struggle with understanding,
HOW to create it?

The answers to all these questions and more become crystal clear
as you discover more about yourself and understand what you truly desire!

Imagine a YEAR that’s focused on YOU and getting the results that YOU want!

Just look at what you’ll accomplish:


Awaken to see the beautiful Soul that you are

Experience happiness and joy in all areas of your life

Remove self-limiting thoughts and behaviors

Eliminate doubt, fear and procrastination

Improve self-confidence and self-love

Remove the trapped emotional energy that resides within

Improve your health, energy and vitality

Clarity on what you really want to create

Identify your passion and purpose

Live a vibrant, empowered, and authentic life

Create success with joy and gratitude

Envision a future that is powerful and miraculous

Imagine what your life will be like during this amazing & powerful...

You’ll experience greater strength & confidence and how you interact.

You’ll see the beauty that lies within
and be able to share that with others.

You’ll experience an inner-peace deep within and find sanctuary and harmony.

You’ll live in the Empowered Zone where miracles are ever present and support you.

You’ll step into the unknown with a renewed sense of capability and success.

You’ll be able to love yourself and attract more positive and loving relationships.

You’ll experience a greater wisdom from self (intuition) and the Greater Source.

You’ll experience increase trust, faith and hope that creates amazing results.

You’ll no longer hold yourself back from all that you desire.

You’ll experience greater health, vitality, energy and self-care acts of kindness.

You’ll have the ‘Power Within’ to create your greatest joys and live them too.

You’ll receive success, joy and abundance
in every part of your life.

“Only when you are willing to awaken to, and fearlessly examine, our deepest truths can we access the power within.  This power transforms us, creates inner-peace, and anchors us in our authenticity. It also connects us directly  with the highest aspects of ourselves and the benevolent Universe- the aspects that dwell beyond fear and limitation. To reach our divine core is the journey of a lifetime to wield its power is the ultimate privilege of living.You are not alone, Nor are you powerless. Your Soul is calling you to a new awakening, and Powerful Beyond Measure is a gateway to a place beyond your current suffering."

  Marci Shimoff, 
#1 New York Times bestselling author of 6 of Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul and  transformational expert on happiness.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

A Powerful Message of Inspiration from Cindy

For over 30 years, I’ve been empowering people to see their greatness and transform their lives to one that promotes growth, happiness, and success. As a physical therapist, ergonomist, life coach, reiki master and energy practitioner, I know the formula for reducing stress, optimizing performance and creating success.

When you learn to walk aligned with your inner-desires and passions you’re propelled with the Universal Divine Energy where miracles and abundance surrounds you. I have walked similar paths as you and utilized many of these strategies within my own life creating great inner-peace, happiness, miracles, and success.

A miracle touched my life, when I was selected to be mentored by the international happiness expert and #1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Marci Shimoff. She was featured on “The Secret”, wrote six of the Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul and two #1 N.Y Times best sellers: Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason.

I mention this miracle and now ever-lasting friendship because my life was forever changed. What happened over those two years was beyond anything that I could have even imagine! This amazing Universal Divine Energy Flow continued to propel me towards my Divine calling and this amazing work that I’m able to share and collaborate with you.

You’ve been divinely guided to join me and this amazing Power Within Family Community to experience your greatness, be empowered to make changes, and envision a future filled with miracles and successes!

Creating the Year of You (YOU) program has been so rewarding and I’m excited to share it with you because it stops those self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and expectations and catapults you into achieving your goals and igniting your heart’s true desires!

This fabulous Year of You program and the Power Within Family Community is filled with love, support, guidance, and success. You’ll experience happiness, positivity, a sense of belonging with many aha moments, synchronicities, and miracles that allows your Greatness to be experienced in life.

In addition, I'm offering a select few the opportunity to work with me personally throughout the year. You'll receiving individualized coaching, healing sessions and an opportunity to go deeper to optimize and get the long-lasting powerful results that you desire.  To find out more about the Mastermind Year of You program  scroll to the bottom of this page. If you have any questions or would like to discuss if this program is right for you, email me at  I hope you realize that an investment in YOU sends the Universe the energy that you are ready to create the changes that you want!

What are you searching for?

Don’t let fears, obligations, other people, or even yourself
stop you from living the life you were born to live.

You are amazing, special and important!

Allow me and this amazing Power Within Family Community to be the MIRACLE that comes into your life.

You’ll be using many strategies and techniques from my #1 Best Selling book,
Powerful Beyond Measure
which is an extra special miracle that unfolds perfectly in your life
and where you are in your spiritual journey.

There's an old Theosophical quote that seems especially appropriate here.

“When the Student is ready, the Master appears.”

Isn’t it TIME for YOU to make the commitment in YOURSELF ?

I invite you to step into this amazing, miraculous, and empowered
YEAR of YOU program
and watch how your life will be filled with tremendous joy, abundance, and success!

Remember you hold the KEYS to your
Happiness and the Success you want to create!

Making a commitment to YOU
is the greatest GIFT you can give yourself.

Let me show YOU how to create
that empowered and miraculous life!

Unlock the door, step through
and begin living and feeling alive!

There's nothing holding YOU back
from achieving your greatness but yourself!

Why a year-long empowerment program?

We all know how easy it is to fall back into the same behaviors and continue doing what you’ve been doing for years.
It takes time, practice and support to really make consistent and reliable changes that can have long-lasting positive results. If CHANGE was easy we would have already accomplished all that we desire, right?

Many of you, may have participated in workshops, seminars, or even worked with a coach in the past but have found that
the inspiration soon dissipates and the outcome falls short of what you wanted. We all know that change cannot occur without your effort and commitment to self that is why this year-long program is here to benefit, support and encourage you to continue to grow and expand.

During this program, you’ll be able to take integral steps that promotes greater self-empowerment that allows you to implement changes and create shifts in your behavior, beliefs, and expectations. Just imagine what you can start generating within yourself: confidence, strength, direction, clarity, self-love, appreciation, passion…

As you expand with these internal shifts and self-awareness opportunities, you can then implement a more empowered you into other areas of your life. Can you benefit from improved relationships? Would you like to feel more respected, loved, and valued? What about sharing your voice and being true to your emotions? Do you really know what you want and how to achieve it? Do you need to release old hurts, emotional pain and anger? Is forgiveness and compassion aspects that need to be brought into your life? Can you be doing more to living a healthier and happier life? All these aspects and many more are addressed in this amazing YEAR of YOU program!

Your spiritual and personal growth is limitless and is its waiting for you to say ‘YES’ to yourself…

YOU deserve so much more, and everything you’re waiting for, is waiting for YOU too!

Every month Cindy will cover a specific topic that creates the shifts
necessary to make the changes you want to experience in your life.  
Self-empowerment, growth, potential, success and abundance
are just some of the themes that will be integrated into each month's theme.

Here's what you’ll receive in this powerful program of the 

12 monthly, LIVE, mentoring empowerment sessions with Cindy covering a different theme each month that creates the shifts necessary to make the changes you want to experience in your life.

Value: $2400

6 ZOOM LIVE 90 minute group video calls with Cindy and the Power Within Family Community to share, discuss and interact. Special Guests will be present sharing their stories, insight and wisdom. This is a time to ask questions and receive support as you each grow, using your
Power Within to be Powerful Beyond Measure.

Value: $1200

24 Power Within Family Inner-Circle Group Calls (2/month) to share your intentions, successes and miracles. Your inner-circle group is comprised of 4-6 members and will schedule a time to get together every other week by Skype/phone/zoom.

Value: $1,200

Receive 12 Healing Activation Guidebooks to assist you in the monthly theme helping to create action steps to optimize your success. (1 per month)

Value: $600

52 weeks of Soul Messages – Connect with your Soul’s inner-wisdom each week as you are divinely led during your spiritual journey! Learning to trust your intuition is a valuable lesson, one that will bring you great rewards.

Value: $1040

Receive your own personal Soul Messages Diary to record your weekly Soul Messages Intuitive wisdom. Record action steps taken, results, aha moments, and miracles. Just think an entire year recorded of personal intuitive growth that empowers and inspires your greatness. (word/PDF)

Value: $360

Receive your own autographed copy of the international book award winning, Powerful Beyond Measure – 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life to assist you in your spiritual and personal journey of healing, empowerment and a future (lived in the present) filled with success, abundance and miracles. With Book Bonuses included.

(U.S. addresses receive the book, International participants receive a downloadable PDF.)

Value: $30

Access to download the Powerful Beyond Measure Workbook (word or PDF) to use as you complete the exercises and processes found within.

Value: $50

Receive the Heart Home of Healing Meditation (MP3) to release trapped emotional energy and replace with loving infused healing light and the Awaken the Divine Intelligence Meditation (MP3) that connects your inner-wisdom to the Greater Wisdom of the Creator and provides valuable wisdom and compassion.

Value: $200

Your YEAR of YOU Private Facebook Community to connect with Cindy and the Power Within Family Community for additional support and love throughout your empowered and inspired year.

Value: Priceless

TOTAL VALUE of the YEAR of YOU Program:         $7,080

Your SPECIAL PRICE for the entire year is ONLY: $597

That’s less than $50/month with amazing and powerful results!

You have the Power Within to Create
ALL that YOU Desire!

I know I’m here because I’m Ready and Able!

“Cindy’s programs are so valuable and filled with techniques and strategies that are easy and fun to use. Having time with Cindy is a gift of wisdom, intuition, and expertise. She was able to quickly discern the under-lying root cause that was holding me back. Once I addressed that, changes and amazing results started happening immediately. People looked at me differently because I also saw myself differently. Belonging to a year-long program, is worth its weight in gold. My Power Within Family Inner-Circle that met every other week was powerful, magnetic and inspiring. I’ve learned so much and enjoyed the process at the same time.”

Clara M. (Montreal, Canada)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

This Year of You program
is a catalyst to experience a lifetime of miracles.

Imagine a Year of Inspiration, Confidence, Action, Love, Success and Miracles!

You have the POWER WITHIN to create the life you want.

It's Your Time!

It's Your Year!

It's Your Life!

Together, we can make 2018
a spectacular, empowered and successful year!

Join me and many other amazing individuals who have personal desires, aspirations, and goals
that they want to achieve and experience in their lives.
You are NOT ALONE!
You BELONG to a POWERFUL Family where together Magic, Miracles and More CAN be accomplished!!!

It is my deepest desire that 2018 is a YEAR that YOU’LL remember as being YOUR greatest and I look forward to creating that with YOU!

Just look at what YOU’LL experience:

Coming together, feeling loved, supported and super-charged to create positive changes in your life. When like-minded, positive, loving people unite greater results can be achieved.

Deciding what you want is not always easy to determine. Becoming clear on goals, intentions, and your passion is critical to achieving success. If YOU do
not know what you want, how can you take steps to achieving them or expect
the Universe to support YOU.

It’s TIME to DISRUPT your negative thoughts, beliefs and expectations that
hold you back and to EMPOWER and ENABLE you to live a happy, loving, and abundant life. Implement the many ways to accomplish this!

Connecting with your authentic divine SELF is integral in obtaining self-love, hearing your inner-wisdom, expressing your emotions, voice, and desires and connecting with your spirituality.

Experience freedom from FEARS, ANGIETY and PAIN that is often present holding you hostage from achieving all the joys that we were born to live. All those thoughts are simply not true. Learn the importance of FORGIVENESS, LETTING GO, and BELIEVING and watch how MIRACLES and the flow of Universal Energy will support and propel you forward in your spiritual journey.

There comes a time for us all to change, transform and acknowledge the
beautiful Souls that we are. We go through many cycles and rhythms. Our lives are not static. This is the YEAR for YOU to experience your metamorphosis and the powerful shifts that will occur in all areas of your life.

Focusing on the mind-body-emotion-and spiritual components empowers one
to experience inner and outer positive shifts in your energy, vitality, health and appreciation and participation in the life you’ll be creating.

Experience the profound healing, chakra and energetic balancing within that promotes health, harmony and inner-peace. Self-care, meditation and many modalities will be shared to further your healing, intuition and spiritual guidance.

Improve relationships with family, friends, co-workers and lovers. Understanding that you are LOVED, LOVEABLE and LOVING is important in receiving, giving, and experiencing all forms of love. Many struggle with valuing and loving SELF. When you can see that you’re amazing, intelligent, beautiful, exciting, and valuable than ALL your relationships improve, including with yourself!

Experience your POWER WITHIN and experience a zest for life that is filled with an abundance of happiness, joy, appreciation, gratitude and plain old fun! There is NOTHING that CAN HOLD YOU BACK from being Powerful Beyond Measure!

Your POT OF GOLD awaits YOU. For every rainbow, there is HOPE, FAITH, and a MESSAGE that LOVE is ever present. Take a Leap of Faith, see the Miracles in
your life, and believe in yourself and the Greater Universe and create a life that
is simply amazing in every way possible

Your attendance in the powerful YEAR of YOU program is a testament to your willingness and desire to make changes, create shifts, learn and implement strategies that truly will change how you feel about yourself and how you’ll experience life. Let's make 2018, a YEAR to REMEMBER!

2018 is sure to be filled with many amazing revelations, miracles, and new opportunities that you’re so ready to engage in.

You’ll experience successes BEYOND what you can even IMAGINE!

This is the...

Year of You!

Make 2018 the Most Powerful Year of Your Life!

With International Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author and Coach
Cynthia Mazzaferro

YES, I AM READY and LOOK forward to the Year of You Program!



If you are ready for the YEAR of YOU Program
and would like additional one-on-one personal coaching
and remote reiki healing sessions then 

The Mastermind YEAR of YOU Program is for you!

Many people like to work one-on-one, to go deeper, and create even more powerful results!

If this is for you, Cindy is offering a very small number of opportunities into this program.

The Mastermind YEAR of YOU Program includes:

12 personal 60 minute laser coaching sessions                                (Value $3,600)

2 remote reiki healing, chakra balancing sessions                            (Value $  400)

PLUS the entire Year of You Program described above                      (Value $7,800)

Your personal individualized time can be used to:

  • Gain clarity on old parts of the past that still hold you stuck in the present.
  • Resolve old issues that no longer serve your greatest good.
  • Release the trapped emotional energy that resides within.
  • Set goals and have am accountability coach to help achieve results.
  • Discuss and come up with strategies to resolve problems and create solutions.
  • To empower you to reach bigger, grow stronger, and be your amazing self.
  • Have a support system to foster independence, confidence, and happiness.
  • And anything that you personally feel you need to focus on and resolve.

      TOTAL VALUE of the Mastermind YEAR of YOU Program:                $11,080

    Your SPECIAL PRICE for the Mastermind YEAR of YOU is ONLY:    $2,997

This Special Price is ONLY available for the first 10 individuals who sign-up
and wants to create long-lasting powerful results that positively will impact every part of your life.
It’s wholistic and holistic and very powerful indeed!

Are you ready to make the extra investment in yourself to get the results that you really want? I would be honored to be your coach and assist you in achieving your goals and so much more. You are Powerful Beyond Measure and I’ll help you claim your Power Within and the greatness that comes with that understanding and presence of being! Your Time is NOW!

Check out what people are saying about Cynthia Mazzaferro

Working with Cindy has been simply amazing!!! I’ve accomplished more than I could’ve ever imagined and now living a life that is rich and full. Having a Power Family Community and personal interaction allowed me to have accountability, support, and love to expand and accomplish so many of my goals. Believing in yourself truly allows one to be empowered and live a powerful life.”

Laura P. (California)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Powerful Beyond Measure. That says it all. Cynthia helps us see that we are all Powerful Beyond Measure by helping us tap into the power that we all have within us. She goes through all the limiting factors that keeps us from tapping into or even being aware of that power. When we discover that power within us, we become different beings, living life to its fullest. This book will open gateways that you never imagined existed. It's all about the power that you have within you. And how you can be Powerful Beyond Measure."

Luella M (Texas)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Cindy Mazzaferro makes a compelling case about releasing the existent gifts we all possess into the various patterns of our life's purpose or dharma. By identifying our aptitudes and fortifying them with purposeful skill building, Cindy challenges us to wake up to and sustain the highest callings of our destiny, which are truly ‘Powerful Beyond Measure’.”

Bill Levacy (Canada)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

YES, I AM READY and LOOK forward to the YEAR of YOU Program!


  • 12 monthly, LIVE, mentoring empowerment sessions with Cindy
  • 6 ZOOM LIVE 90 minute group video calls with Cindy and the Power Within Family Community
  • 12 Healing Activation Guidebooks
  • 24 Power Within Family Inner-Circle Group Calls
  • 52 weeks of Soul Messages
  • Your own personal Soul Messages Diary
  • Your own copy of Powerful Beyond Measure
  • The Powerful Beyond Measure Workbook
  • Your YEAR of YOU Private Facebook Community

Total Value $7,080

Special Price One Time Payment


4 Payments of



  • 12 monthly, LIVE, mentoring empowerment sessions with Cindy
  • 6 ZOOM LIVE 90 minute group video calls with Cindy and the Power Within Family Community
  • 12 Healing Activation Guidebooks
  • 24 Power Within Family Inner-Circle Group Calls
  • 52 weeks of Soul Messages
  • Your own personal Soul Messages Diary
  • Your own copy of Powerful Beyond Measure
  • The Powerful Beyond Measure Workbook
  • Your YEAR of YOU Private Facebook Community


  • 12 personal 60-minute laser coaching sessions
  • 2 remote Reiki healing and chakra balancing sessions

Total Value $11,080

Special Price
One Time Payment


6 Payments of:


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