Life Coach

Top 10 things that I can do as Your Life Coach

  1. ready-to-growHelp you to identify a clear idea of what truly makes you happy
  2. Understand what is holding you back
  3. Explore and resolve your sub-conscious thoughts, memories, and the role they play today
  4. Identify factors that may be limiting you and where you want to go
  5. Shift the energy, to create the environment and health that you want.
  6. Stop seeing yourself as a victim and start to see yourself as a victor.
  7. Setting goals that allow your passions and interests to be developed.
  8. Set intentions that support your vision and purpose.
  9. Set up actionable steps and then be able to WAIT for divine timing
  10. Help you to achieve balance, harmony, and peace in your life.

Powerful Beyond Measure Coaching Process includes:


  • Assisting you to identify your goals
  • Supporting your personal needs and goals
  • Overcoming fear that may be holding you back
  • Identifying your Soul Lessons
  • Looking at your struggles as they may provide the ideal environment for growth
  • Discovering the self created limited beliefs and how they were created in the past and carried forward into the present and into your future unless you change those thoughts, expectations, and energy that fuels them
  • Leap of Faith and Courage
  • Feminine and masculine essence balance
  • Energy flow and impact on your health and life
  • Energetic, vibrational shifts that awaken and expand the potential that exists within you
  • Chakra/ Meridian Energy Work
  • Impact of positivity vs negativity
  • Goal setting: Intention>Attention>No Tension
  • Soul Intention vs Ego Intention
  • Perception often becomes your reality
  • Abundance in all aspect of life and expression of gratitude
  • Affirmations and manifestations
  • Self-Love is essential to find inner peace and the Power Within
  • Passion, Purpose, Direction, and Clarity
  • Empowerment to create change and take responsibility
  • How to create Happiness, Joy, and Love in your life
  • Struggles and how they actually help you to grow
  • Living in the NOW
  • Expression and Acceptance of your Authentic Self
  • Individualized coaching program that specifically is tailored to meet your needs.

*The concepts above are areas that can be included in your coaching program if they fit your needs. I focus on meeting you where you are and moving forward to where you want to go and addressing aspects that are holding you back from achieving your success.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Life Coach?

  • Working with a Life Coach, empowers you to stop being ruled by happenstance, struggles, fears and doubts, circumstances, and old wounds, and start to create the life you desire.
  • Having a Life Coach creates an environment that supports, facilitates, and encourages you to be empowered to create the changes that you want in your life.
  • With my expertise as a motivational speaker, intuitive, healer, teacher, and emotional ergonomist, your coaching will have many integrated components that most coaches do not offer that truly produces lasting results.
  • Claiming your Power Within allows you to be Powerful Beyond Measure

Dynamic, Results Oriented, Powerful Beyond Measure Life Coaching Packages

  • Hourly Coaching Skype/telephone call is $225/hourĀ (if purchased hourly and not participating in a coaching program)

Coaching Packages

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